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ABC ELEC is an English speaking, Electrician in Brussels, certified since 1982.
You can call or hire ABC ELEC for: 24H service emergency repairs, bringing electrical installations into compliance with the current Belgium standards, lighting,Telenet, Orange or Proximus cabling, electrical diagrams, door phone expert.

24 hour electrician Brussels
emergency repairs

electrical emergency repairs 24 hour
ABC ELEC is a 24 hour electrician in Brussels for emergency electrical repairs, his service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Because of his experience and knowledge since 1982, ABC ELEC is able to identify any electrical problem in a
record time.
Emergencies don’t happen on a schedule,
You shouldn’t have to wait with an electrical emergency
because it's during the evening, night, weekend, Sunday or holiday.
ABC ELEC can prevent further inconveniences by repairing the issue quickly and efficiently.

Due to the stock carried in his van, ABC ELEC is able to repair most of the electrical problems permanently.

If ABC ELEC is not available temporally, feel free to call his son's electrical contractor company via www.gcelec.be

Electrical compliance in Brussels
with Belgium standards

electrician electrical compliance

Has your electrical installation been declared non-compliant following an electrical compliance inspection in Brussels?
ABC Elec can undertake all work necessary to correct the identified faults and guarantee the work provided will be compliant to current legal specifications in Belgium, the "R.G.I.E" ( Règlement Général sur les Installations Electriques - General Regulations on Electrical Installations ) determine the mandatory electrical inspections.
Electrical installations in Belgium have to be inspected:
- Every 25 years for existing domestic installations.
- When extending or modifying an installation
- At a temporary facility ( on a construction site ).
- In case of enhancing the power of the connection.
Periodic inspections are required every 5 years for: shops, industry, restaurant or residential housing in tourist rental

Lighting expert
Installation light fixtures in Brussels area

electrician lighting
Do you need urgently a light expert electrician for the installation of  your light fixtures in Brussels area?
ABC ELEC follows a systematic & professional route for the installation of lighting fixtures. ABC ELEC  first hear your demands and then execute them with expertise and precision. Whether you crave a classic, an inviting  or modern interior, ABC ELEC will turn your concept into reality.
ABC ELEC has expertise in installing functional lights or led lights that increase the appeal of your property and create a soothing atmosphere.
ABC ELEC keeps also a tab on the latest technology of lighting fictures, thereby ensuring the beautifying of your living or work space.
Feel free to call your
Lighting expert, ABC ELEC
gsm 0485058365

Door phone expert Brussel area

electrician door phones
Do you need a door phone expert In Brussels?
Since 1982, ABC ELEC has been supplying, installing and repairing door phones for his customers in Brussels area.
Over that period he has obtained a considerable amount of knowledge with regard to most door phone systems on the market.
Due to the stock of spare parts in his van, ABC ELEC is able to correct most faults without requiring further visits

Why should you choose
quality approved electrician
ABC ELEC gives great importance to symmetry & perfection.
ABC ELEC strives to meet and exceed his customers expectations every time.
When you hire ABC ELEC, you'll receive a professional and reliable service
All electrical interventions, surveys, works, drawings are done by the
certified electrician LEVENT
who is also the manager of ABC ELEC
licensed electrician
Licensed electrician
Belgian government require an initial license for electricians. To obtain one, you must have passed the exam.
ABC ELEC is a licensed electrician, who knows perfectly the electrical regulations / compliance standards of Belgium, R.G.I.E
( General Regulations on Electrical Installations )
Be aware that with the ease of advertising on social media or  internet, it's easy to get fooled by an unlicensed electrician, contractor or scam artist.
English speaking
English speaking
ABC ELEC is an English speaking electrician in Brussels area, who is able to:
- establish English written quotes.
- invoice his customers in English.
- create English detailed Electrical diagrams.
vca certified electrician

VCA certified company
ABC ELEC has a VCA certificate.
VCA certificate shows that a company, based on a checklist, takes the necessary measures to be able to operate safely

when quality  &  service matters
lighting expert BELGIUM

GSM:  0485058365
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